The GOATz are so excited to have launched our GOATz XC Grantz program for Middle and High Schools in the greater Omaha area in 2019. We want to find ways to invest in our future trail runners and encourage them to keep at the sport even if they’re not competing. Erin Byers, the cross country coach at Logan Fontenelle Middle School, shared a bit about the impact of the GOATz XC Grant on their program.
Hello! My name is Erin Byers and I am the cross country coach at Logan Fontenelle Middle School in Bellevue. This is my third year coaching and loving every second of it. Over the Summer, I applied for a Middle School Cross Country Grant through GOATz. I received the call while in Bogotá, Colombia that my school was awarded the grant money!! I was stoked. My school is amazing and my runners deserve the world; this grant allowed us to help them out.
Once the CC season started, we started looking for students who needed running shoes or clothing. We used a portion of our grant money to set our kids up for success. Then we decided to purchase a shoot for the end of our home race as well as some timing equipment. We also purchased some tags to use for our home race. Now that we have purchased things to set up this team for a good season, we are brainstorming end-of-the-year celebration ideas! I really want to celebrate my runners and reward them for all the miles they run throughout the season! We are thinking about having a party at the local bowling alley with pizza and everything.
Like I said, my runners are amazingly dedicated and mentally tough – two of the most important traits in a runner. I am so proud of my students for all the improvements that make throughout the season. I am so thankful for GOATz and the grant that they awarded us. We are very lucky to have received the money and I am extremely appreciated of the community support.
Thanks so much Erin! We look forward to hearing more about your team’s success and hope to host them at a GOATz race in the future! When you run a GOATz event, your race fees go toward funding this program to directly impact the Greater Omaha Area. The application for the 2020 GOATz XC Grantz will open in May/June 2020. Stay tuned to our social media for the full announcement!