GOATz announcement!

GOATz! We have BIG news to share. As you may be aware, Lake Cunningham has been entirely closed to the public since May 2019. Despite our initial hopes to have our events as they have been in the past, it recently became clear this would not be feasible or safe for us to host GOATz Trail Runs (GTR) or Feast and Feathers (FnF) on the normal courses. Many of the areas we run will be active construction zones for all of the incredible improvements being made to the park. The City of Omaha Parks department has been an incredible partner and has worked hard to help us find a solution.


Thanks to the Parks department, we will be utilizing the trails located in the sections of the park from Bennington Road to Dutch Hall Road. Did you even know there were trails up there?! They are GORGEOUS and we have no doubt the experience will be what you’ve come to expect from our events. So, technically, we are still at Lake Cunningham, but the courses and all the details will be a little bit different this year. We understand if you feel duped and want a refund or want to sit 2019 out. If you’re signed up for GOATz Trail Runs and have concerns about your entry or the experience, please contact the race director Kim at kim@goatz.org. We will be opening registration for Feast and Feathers TODAY and if you have concerns about FnF, please contact Amy at amy@goatz.org or Vanessa at vanessa@goatz.org.

Long and short of it, GOATz Trail Runs and Feast and Feathers will be at Lake Cunningham but will use a new-to-us trail system. Cars will be parked in different places. Aid stations will be in different locations. We are fine tuning all the details and will be sharing them as they finalize. Thank you for your understanding and please do not hesitate to reach out! We can’t wait to see you out on the trails!